The Nydus Web & Brand Design
The Nydus Web & Brand Design community casting channel 'The Nydus' needed a website and complete branding design to get their channel off the ground. 1,100 followers and 32,000 viewes later The Nydus is still goin strong!
Homepage features channel metrics, and recent tournament information
Live Stream Overlay
Live Stream Overlay
Transitions, channel data, and video loops used to create engaging broadcast overlay.
Donations Page
Donations Page
A live tracking tribute to all the donations The Nydus has ever recieved.
Featured Streams
Featured Streams
Friends of The Nydus have a special place to let people know when they're going live.
Weekly Winners
Weekly Winners
If you win a tournament your name is forever remembered in the 'Weekly Winners' section of the site.
Video Highlights
Video Highlights
A quick way to find out all the recent action, with links to social media for assisting growth in the community.

Working with community caster channel The Nydus on

Starcraft 2 has never looked so good.

The Nydus is a community caster channel on in the sub-group of gaming “Starcraft 2”. Starcraft 2 has a modest but passionate following in the twitch community and The Nydus has the passion to match it. The channel was created in early October of 2016 and has since gone on to receive 1,100 followers and 32,000 views and is still going strong to this day!

When creating the design for The Nydus, it was important that the viewer could understand at a glance what the channel was about. The iconic silhouette of the Nydus Worm was used for the logo, and a bold and futuristic font chosen as well to help illustrate the parallels with Starcraft's setting. Careful consideration was taken to ensure that the mobile and desktop sites were completely responsive and that they allowed for content flow seamlessly between screen sizes. Some unique features of the website are dedicated pages for partnered streamers, weekly winners, tournament information, donation shout outs, and a complete blog listing of all events.

Additonally The Nydus needed branding for their channel while broadcasting. Things like in-game and out-of-game overlays, integration of channel alert metrics, and transition videos were all part of the package delivered to The Nydus. All of these media items were packaged up into a format easily set up in Open Broadcaster Software or XSplit. The broadcasting layout uses several media sources at once, has hotkeys established for easy scene switching, and has transitions and alerts built into the channel overlay so it really is a one click solution for setting up!

Balsamiq Mockup wireframes and OBS/XSplit demonstrations available upon request.

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