Ryder Digital Illustration
Ryder Digital Illustration
Ryder approached us for a new album cover. He had seen our illustration work and enjoyed the style, we worked to portray Ryder in true form. The line work was certainly fun on this one.

Album cover for South Minneapolis based artist “Ryder”

Color and linework on display for this one.

South Minneapolis based hip-hop artist “Ryder” had seen some of the digital illustrations in the GiftedPixel portfolio and wanted something for his upcoming album cover. He passed along a photo and I worked to create something that would make a statement and be memorable at a glance. I think overall the compositions turned out great with the color and black and white ones having unique features.

I feel like the linework is stronger on these illustrations than it is on some of the other illustrations I have done, and I think that is really reflected in the black/white composition. Ryder has been a long time friend of mine so it was great to be able to provide a digital illustration for him as well as be able to support a fellow artist. Thanks again for the opportunity Ryder!

Adobe Illustrator line work and color palettes available upon request.

Want a closer look at the illustration?

Check out these high resolution versions.

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