Red Alert! Mobile UI Design
Red Alert! Mobile UI Design
A bold experiment into Mobile UI Design.

Looking to make a statement on mobile?

Look no further, Red Alert! has you covered.

Red Alert! was created with the bold in mind, and those who like to have a little flair on their phones will be pleased with this UI experiment. Several screens were created as demonstrations of the overall phone user interface, with a unifying 'bold red' theme tying them all together. Careful attention was paid to demonstrate as many UI elements (text inputs, buttons, dropdowns, etc) as possible while creating a couple new experiments in UI as well. The contact profile page probably being the boldest step out with the “Descending Honeycomb” method of displaying images.

The UI is based around a strong red theme with clean and sans-serif fonts for a modern feel. Other splashes of color were used to break up the red blocks and create diversity among pages. Some pages have the dedicated secondary color (brown weather page) as their primary color to further page diversity. Focusing on smaller items like sliders and buttons really allowed me to flesh out the 'personality' of the Red Alert! design. Rather than pulling those items from a library, a unique set of UI elements was created for this design and you can really feel the personality of this UI ripple down through even its smallest elements.

Balsamiq Mockup wireframes and Invision Application Prototype (in development) available upon request.

Want a closer look at the design?

Check out these high resolution versions.

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