PorchHorseProductions Website
PorchHorseProductions Website
The passion is real. Local midwest snowboarding has some fierce talent and the ones documenting it are PorchHorse Productions.

PorchHorseProductions and midwest snowboarding are here.

Good snow, good friends, good films. What more do you need?

PorchHorseProductions was created to highlight midwest snowboarding and some of the awesome terrain park riders that come out of some of the most unexpected places. With so many people shrugging off the idea that you can have good terrain parks without giant mountains we wanted to show people just how good the level of riding is in Minnesota/Wisconsin. We picked up a Panasonic DVX video camera and headed out to the slopes. We never really expected to create such a buzz, but when you have a camera pointed at rails and jumps it tends to get riders pretty excited!

People flocked to the camera and the fun and eventually regular video edits were being created highlighting rider profiles and events. A website was created as well to house all of this content and to allow people a centralized spot to get all their PHP news. For further exposure PHP put out bio profiles on all riders that participated in events and filming which helped catapult riders into their own amateur snowboarding careers.

The filming, site building, and networking involved with PHP was immense and quite an undertaking but the relationships forged and found during that time will never be forgotten. And it's great to see the midwest getting the respect it deserves from the rest of the snowboarding community because some truly great riders come out of the most unexpected places.

Balsamiq Mockup wireframes available upon request.

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