ChexMix Ingredients
ChexMix Ingredients
An exploration into grid design using the ingredients on the back of a ChexMix bag. Mixed fonts and sizes based on ingredient quantity made for some interesting grids!

An exploration in ingredients and grid design.

Informational hierarchies are important design tools.

ChexMix Ingredients Grid Design was an exploration into layout and graphic design. All words used are from the ingredients list on the back of a regular ChexMix bag and have been set up in a hierarchy so that the most used ingredients appear to the eye first, with the inverse being true the less an ingredient is used. Two separate color palettes and layouts were chosen to ensure that the grid designs came out diverse and to see how far the grid could be pushed using the same ingredients.

Several fonts and colors were chosen as well to help break up and diversify the grid designs and I feel the choices I made strengthen the designs and grid. It was important for the viewer to be able to get established and be able to 'navigate' the information quickly, this is where the previously mentioned hierarchy comes into play, the careful consideration to font, color, and sizing has all played into establishing this informational hierarchy.

Overall, I feel the designs both work. With the primary brown grid design being the strongest of the 2, I think the contrasting colors gives the design a bit more pop than the blue themed one, which I feel is somewhat washed out by the light blues.

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator grid work and color palettes available upon request.

Want a closer look at the design?

Check out these high resolution versions.

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