Kinetic Typography
Kinetic Typography
Moving grids with font and color choices make these videos intriguing.

All the moving parts of design and animation working together.

Video production can mean a lot of things, but for kinetic typography it means using good design and layout choices coupled with smooth animations to create a unique text-based video. The dialogue I chose for my video was from the movie “Taken” specifically the 'phone call scene', and I feel like Liam Neeson's speech pattern made for a good 'tempo' in the video. For the color palette I chose 3 contrasting colors and two contrasting fonts, I wanted to keep things simple but provide enough variety in how things looks to make it visually interesting, and I think I've accomplished this, the information flows smoothly and is legible but also provides a very dynamic set of animations which keep the viewer interested.

Coupling the design with animation was a unique experience, I enjoyed setting up the word grids and testing different colors and font sizes and using pre-comps to move things as larger pieces. It was a different way to think about design, since the grid structure would need to be later used as a building block for other words so leaving ample negative space was important to the process.

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Good web design is understanding the devices that use a website and ensuring everyone can access content equally.
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I'm a versatile designer who specializes in User Experience & Interface Design for the mobile/web environment.

My goal is to create beautifully structured designs that are memorable and get clients excited.