AVI Digital Signage
AVI Digital Signage
I worked on corporate signage, interactive kiosks, and video wall content.

A whole world of signage content opened up.

Corporate communications, interactive kiosks, and so much more!

At AVI Systems I worked primarily on digital signage which is a huge world of design and video production. Working on corporate signage I was able to really hone the craft of incorporating branding and animation into messaging to create a custom experience for each customer. The needs of each customer varied greatly, some wanted corporate messaging, some wanted large high resolution video walls, and some wanted interactive kiosks for wayfinding and storyboarding. All of the projects were incredibly fun to work on and a great experience to take my static designs to the next level.

I worked primarily in large digital signage platforms, Scala, Tightrope, and Navori which all can perform similar digital signage tasks, but all have wildly different ways of accomplishing it. Creating digital design assets and bringing them into the software for 'templating' so that customer can edit fields and create their own custom messages was a primary focus. Another primary focus were large interactive video walls or kiosks, which sometimes didn't need any HTML or CSS to run at all! Driven primarily by Scala Designer, a good storyboard, and solid video production skills I have developed many interactive kiosks and video walls which are utilized in several Fortune 500 corporate headquarters.

Services GiftedPixel Can Provide

UI/UX Development
Design and usability are important factors in any project. Getting things right in the architecture stage is key to success.
Web Development
Good web design is understanding the devices that use a website and ensuring everyone can access content equally.
Graphic Design
Establishing grids and visual hierarchies are important factors in good design. They help the flow of information which leads to better understanding.
Digital Illustration
Not everything has to be made with traditional paint and canvas. Digital illustrations can tell a story and be very complex as well.
Wireframe & Concept Design
How you got to the final product is as important as the product itself. Wireframing and prototyping are important steps in the journey.
Branding & Identity
People remember brands, and lots of design tools help make up those brands. Colors, logos, and fonts are all important items to consider.
Video Graphics
Experience in live film, broadcast, and post-production. In a high def world it's important to get your message out there.
SEO Services
Making sure people can find you on the internet is crucial. Optimizing your site for search engines is a step everyone should consider.


I'm a versatile designer who specializes in User Experience & Interface Design for the mobile/web environment.

My goal is to create beautifully structured designs that are memorable and get clients excited.